Prabowo response above Attacks Religious Activities in Yogya

Prabowo response above Attacks Religious Activities in Yogya  – Info hots – Presidential candidate Prabowo condemned all actions that undermine freedom of religion . In a democratic system thinks it should not happen . He also deplored the acts of violence by a group of people who commit assault in Yogyakarta .

Manfaat kolang kaling
” I deplore all acts of violence , we must maintain religious harmony , we must keep the peace , ” he said in the Tanah Abang Jakarta , Friday, May 30, 2014 .

For Prabowo all components buah atap of the nation , especially the state should be able to maintain harmony . With preservation of this system will run stable government and make Indonesia the stronger and avoid divisions .

” We should not justify all the efforts that will lead to the split . We must keep all for peace , ” he said .

To maintain inter-religious harmony and pluralism him can not be separated from law enforcement . When popularly elected later , he and Hatta Rajasa promised to uphold the law as straight upright .

” We’re going to try as hard as possible to enforce the law properly . Creating a peaceful atmosphere as well as good in Indonesia , ” he said .

Law enforcement in Indonesia by Prabowo was the key to the future progress of the Indonesian nation . Good legal system he said would lead to the growth of Indonesian society into a better direction . Good legal system that will make Indonesia rose .

” We have to keep every citizen . We have to make sure every citizen are protected and live in tranquility , ” he explained .

He made sure all legal efforts to protect religious freedom should be walking . ” There should not be any threat to religious freedom , ” he said .

Rosary Prayer held at the home of Julius Catholics Felicianus , Housing Complex STIE YKPN Sleman DIY , dispersed by a group of people on Thursday evening May 29, 2014 . Congregation who are fervently praying was attacked and persecuted .

The following chronology of events is based on information collected from Yogyakarta police one of the pilgrims who were eyewitnesses , Nanggelon :

19:00 pm

Catholics worship took place at the home of Mr. Julius . This service enters 29th day .

At 20:20 pm

A group of unidentified people , consisting of about eight people , come in and immediately throw stones . The stone is about one congregation . The next group of people that the church dropped the motorcycle parked in front of the house and destroyed the house of Mr. Julius . They also beat the church .

The church screaming in horror and ran into the house . But the group is still damaging the church and beat with iron and items such as flower pots , stones , batons .

One of the congregation , Mr. Julius child , then called the owner of the house ( his father , Julius ) .

At 21:15 pm

Mr. Julius arrived home . He immediately asked a group of people who commit vandalism . Mr. Julis firmly replied , ” I am the owner of the house . ” He then persecuted by the group using stones , flower pots , batons , iron , and others .

That is the description of the church . While Julius told the police that he recognized one member of the group who did vandalism and abuse in the home . “One of my neighbors own culprit . He signed right in front of my house in the name of AB , ” he said .

According to Julius , after beating him , the group shouted , ” I’m telling ust JUT . ” Then they went to leave his home .

Yogyakarta police are currently hunting down the perpetrators . ” We already know a few people who did the persecution and destruction of homes belonging to Julius . The police are chasing them , “said Head of Public Relations Yogyakarta police AKBP Any Pudjiastuti



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