Should Presidential Candidates Care Environment

Should Presidential Candidates Care Environment – Not only regulate welfare and the economy , figures and vice presidential candidate in the upcoming presidential Indonesian Environmental Forum should also be sensitive to environmental issues in Indonesia .
Executive Director Walhi Abetnego Tarin said issues such as forest fires and some of the environmental damage caused by individuals and companies should be resolved by the president .
Abetneogo the opinion of the names that appear presidential and vice presidential current , new Joko Widodo is expected to respond to issues of environmental preservation .

” A more responsive Jokowi , but others can also be completed , because the backgroud of his employers , ” said Abetnego in Jakarta , Saturday, May 10, 2014 .

Abetnego said although called Jokowi can say responsive , but the end result is not necessarily to existing problems can be resolved . According to the problems of environmental degradation are often occur , often tehambat even stalled .

” It happened because the perpetrators are mostly owners of industry is one of the benefactors of the party, ” he said .
Manisan kolang kaling
Abetnego gave the example below SBY ‘s leadership , many cases of environmental damage such as illegal logging by forest fires . But the case is not resolved .

” That there are thousands of cases of land disputes are not resolved , ” he said .



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